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  • Maximum Prices January 12, 2019


    ORANJESTAD - Department of Economic Affairs announces the maximum prices for the coming period.

  • The Department of Public health informs about measles


    ORANJESTAD - The Department of Public Health is providing the medical care takers and the tourism sector on Aruba about the global cases of measles for 2019.

  • Camping Season Semana Santa 2019


    ORANJESTAD -The Aruba Police Force informs that the camping season in connection with Semana Santa (Holy Week) will start this year on Sunday, April 14, 2019 at noon and will end on Sunday, April 28 , 2019.

  • KIA surveillance dogs once again certified for two years.


    ORANJESTAD -In first two weeks of the new year, the surveillance dog handlers of the special support team - dog brigade (BOT-K9) of the KIA underwent quality control and re-certification, which takes place twice a year.

  • Betico Day Festivities


    ORANJESTAD - On the 25th of January 2019, the Aruba community remembers and honors the birthdate of the great Aruban political leader, the late Gilberto Francois (Betico) Croes.

  • Reduction of land tax for 28 thousand people


    ORANJESTAD - With the introduction of the fiscal reform, the rate for land tax is also adjusted.

  • New prices for petroleum products


    ORANJESTAD – The Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture herewith announces the adjusted prices for petroleum products based on the average postings as per the Platts US Market scan (Gulf Coast) for the period of December 1st through December 31st, 2018. 

  • Naturalization test 2019


    ORANJESTAD - The Department of Examination Office of the Department of Education informs that the first round of registration for the Naturalization Test is from January 7 to January 24, 2019.

  • Influenza Vaccine is still available.


    ORANJESTAD - Department of Public Health informs that the influenza vaccine is still available.

  • Change in the rate of income tax and wagel tax as of January, 1 2019


    ORANJESTAD - One of the changes in the first phase of the tax reform is that of the income tax and wage tax rate.

  • Important adjustments BBO, BAVP and BAZV taxes effective January 1, 2019.

    Logo Tax Office

    ORANJESTAD - The Government of Aruba recently introduced a few adjustments in the BBO, BAVP and BAZV tax laws. These changes are effective as per January 1, 2019.

  • Governor Christmas speech 2018


    ORANJESTAD - The Governor of Aruba Alfonso Boekhoudt gave his traditional annual Christmas speech on 24 December.

  • Climate change: What is it?


    ORANJESTAD – The Department of Nature ad Environment wants to inform the community about climate change.

  • Increase wage limit as per January 1, 2019


    ORANJESTAD- The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the Department of Labor and Research (DAO) announces that as per January 1, 2019 the wage limit for the application of the Labor Ordinance 2013 will increase.

  • Christmas speech Governor on December 24, 2018


    ORANJESTAD – On Christmas Eve, December 24, the Governor of Aruba Alfonso Boekhoudt will give a Christmas speech on the local television stations.

  • The Department of Public Health: Get your influenza vaccine !!


    ORANJESTAD - Since Monday december 17th 2018, the new Influenza vaccine for 2019 is available at the Department of Public Health’s office of Contagious Diseases.

  • Influenza Vaccine for the 2018-2019 season is available.


    ORANJESTAD - Every year, in the months of November and December, the higher risk part of the community find their way to the Department of Public Health in order to have the new influenza vaccine administered.