Absenteeism in the public sector causes an increase in personnel costs

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 08-11-2019.

ORANJESTAD – The  Social Security Bank (SVb) recently held a presentation to the Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture Mrs. mr. Xiomara Ruiz-Maduro about absenteeism within the public sector.

Presentation on absenteeism in the public sector by ing. Edwin Jacobs, director of the Social Security Bank (SVb)This presentation is related to the efforts of the Government in reducing its personnel costs. For an effective outcome, it is necessary to know the factors that are contributing to the increasing costs of personnel. In addition to overtime, that increases the costs, absenteeism within the public sector is also a key factor.

The presentation was given by the SVb (Social Security Bank) Director ing. Edwin Jacobs and Dr. Genser. This presentation provided a view on absenteeism within the public sector and its related personnel costs.

A comparison was made by the SVb about the various indicators contributing to absenteeism in the private sector compared to the public sector. A calculation was made to know how much absenteeism is costing the Government’s budget. 

Presentation on absenteeism in the public sector by ing. Edwin Jacobs, director of the Social Security Bank (SVb)The following table indicates the absenteeism data of both the public and the private sector.


Comparison absenteeism  of public sector and private sector

Public Sector Private Sector
Amount of employees 4534 (excluding education sector) 42735 private employees registered at SVB.
Absent frequency (AO) 5 times 1.3 times
Duration AO 9 days 5 days
Percentage absenteeism  8.6% 2.9%
Annual costs 62,8 million florin 32,8 million florin
Average cost per employee 7233 florin 1470 florin

A possible solution for the high absenteeism has also been presented by the executives of the SVb. Soon the SVb will present these findings to the council of Ministers and to several relevant departments in the hope to find a viable solution soon to help reduce the public sector’s personnel costs.

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