The Government announced new policies for fisherman huts on the beach and on the reefs

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 09-11-2019.

ORANJESTAD – Recently the Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP, announced the new policy for the regulation of the beach and reef shacks all around Aruba.

The current policy is in place, however, some details have changed.

The goal of this updated policy is:

  • To control and monitor. It is important to know what is happening with these shacks to make users accountable for their actions. On many occasions, these shacks and surroundings are left filthy, are being used for illegal activities and immoral acts. With the policy changes, those claiming to own these shacks need to acknowledge this in writing and will obtain the permits for this, but will be held accountable;
  • To  avoid the increase of shacks being build.

With the new policy, it is no longer allowed to build any new shack. This will be monitored using satellite imagery, comparing the current images with future satellite images. Expansion of existing shacks is not allowed and all shacks build after the policy’s introduction date will be demolished. The Government is providing owners with 2 months to register their shacks at the DIP. Registration is only valid for registered residents and not for businesses. These shacks are for recreational purposes only and cannot be used for residential purposes.

According to the DIP, one of the criteria of the recently introduced ROP is that: existing structures will remain, while the new structures that do not fit within the new regulations are not allowed.

In connection with ROPV that is currently being processed, the regulation of land is very important.

It has been noted that most of these shacks have been built in the countryside and the DIP has recently been alarmed about the growing phenomena of new shacks being built. The Government is aware of the traditional cultural value of these shacks, and that is the reason it’s allowing the existing shacks, but keeping in mind that the Government also stands for sustainability.

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